About Love Links

Our Story

"Live is a gift, love opens it up."

About Love Links: We created Love Links to help you build deeper connections with the ones you love. It's time to stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed trying to find the perfect gift. Love Links is here to make the process easy and fun for you.

Our Mission: Provide you with heartwarming gifts that leave a lasting impression.

Every day we work to help you express how much you care about the most important people in your life. Helping couples, families & friends around the world feel connected to each other is a dream come true for us.

The Perfect Match

It’s not easy finding the perfect gift for the ones we love. However, we make the process of finding your perfect match as easy as possible. Our matching bracelets, or what we call Love Links, are an easy gift that makes a significant statement. Each pair of bracelets has matching charms and colors that remind us of the deep connection shared with those most important to us.

Buying matching bracelets for your partner, friend or family member is more of a meaningful gift than any basic piece of jewelry. Instead, it’s a thoughtful gift of comfort that leaves a lasting impression.

Forever Bonded

Matching bracelets help you feel connected to your significant other, friend or relative – no matter how much time is spent apart.

Wearing bracelets with meaning is perfect for anyone that wants to share a forever bond with someone they cherish. Therefore, this is the best gift for a mother and daughter that live across the country, couples in long distance relationships, best friends going to different colleges, and active duty military.

Built to Last the Distance

All matching bracelets are made with long-lasting, durable materials and fit most wrist sizes. You can wear your connecting bracelets every day. However, we recommend removing them before taking showering or swimming. As a result, this will keep them in the best condition.

Variety of Bracelet Colors and Styles

We sell a variety of matching string bracelets, beaded bracelets, distance bracelets, forever bracelets, bff bracelets, couple bracelets and promise bracelets in 20+ different colors to help you find your perfect match.